The material of the walking surface is made up of crushed ice and snow, and this creates a walking surface much like the condition of a sandy or gravelly beach where some places are compact and others are several  inches thick of ice/snow. Weather conditions affect the walking surface, and our crews work hard to ensure walking surfaces are not slippery.

Guests will want to carefully consider the best way to experience Ice Castles. The bumpy, uneven surface could cause pain if an individual has a sensitivity to a bumpy ride, and pushing wheeled means of transport through the walking surface is extremely difficult and takes a lot of effort.

Ice Castles allows all guests that are able to safely navigate inside Ice Castles.  We recommend that one member of the party inspect the ground conditions inside Ice Castles before entering with the ADA guest.  Our policy is that guests in a wheelchair may be offered a refund, or if they want to attempt exploring the Ice Castles, they may use an Ice Castles-provided large black sled to be pulled around inside Ice Castles.  If using a sled, the wheelchair must be transferred in and out of an ice sled and pulled around inside Ice Castles by members of the guests party and not by Ice Castles employees.  We recommend a minimum of two people to assist with the transfer.  

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