Yes! But all exchanges are subject to ticket availability. Before attempting to process an exchange, please read our Ticket Transfer Terms & Conditions. 


  • As per our Terms of Service, all ticket sales are non-refundable and your ticket is only good for the date/time indicated on your purchase. 

  • If your original event date/time has passed, you will not be able to process an exchange via your MyTicket account. 

  • All exchanges are subject to ticket availability and there is a $10 per order ticket exchange fee each time you process an exchange.  

  • Tickets can only be transferred to a day & time equaling the same or lesser value as your original purchase.

  • Some days and time slots sell quicker than others. If a time slot is sold out it will not appear as available on the events calendar.

  • All transfer requests must be made at least 24 hours before the day of your event takes place to guarantee a successful exchange. 

  • If you don't receive confirmation your request was approved, please show up on the date and time as shown on your original ticket.

Pre-Sale Purchases or Upgrade Requests IMPORTANT 

  • If you purchased a discounted ticket during our pre-sale or are trying to exchange for a more expensive day/weekend you will need to contact our support team to exchange your tickets. 

If you are looking to exchange your tickets to another day that is the same price level (weekday to weekday or weekend to weekend) you can do this yourself by logging into your MyTicket account

For additional help, here is a step by step guide on how to process an exchange. 

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