Please submit all exchange requests here.

Ticket dates and times may by changed with no fee as long as requests are made 24 hours in advance. Please take this policy into consideration if there is inclement weather imminent or if you have a sudden change of circumstances. 

Requests that fall within 24 hours of an existing reservation or after the reservation has passed will incur a $5.00 – PER TICKET fee to exchange to another date and time.

We understand that sometimes things do happen the day of the event, however we receive a large number of ticket exchange requests per day and if we don’t have 24 hours notice we aren’t able to release the tickets to be sold again. With so many days and times selling out we need a reasonable amount of time to release the tickets so they can be sold. It’s much like a concert or race where there is limited space available and it is an industry standard to have a limited ticket exchange policy. Previously we have had a policy that no ticket exchanges could be made unless there was 24 hours notice, but we wanted to provide an option where people wouldn’t lose the entire value of the ticket. If, for any reason, you were unable to use your tickets you can exchange them for $5.00 per ticket. The tickets are non-refundable.


Because pricing varies from weekday to weekend tours, this would be considered an upgrade. If you are looking to upgrade your tickets from a weekday tour to a weekend tour please contact the ShowClix Customer Care team at (866) 435-2850 to pay the difference in price by phone.

If your request falls within 24 hours of your existing tour or after your reservation has passed, please contact the ShowClix Customer Care Team at (866) 435-2850 to pay this fee and confirm your exchange by phone.

Our ticketing provider, ShowClix processes exchange requests daily, 7 days a week and we will do our very best to get to your request in a timely manner. 

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