When Ice Castles tickets go on sale, they sell out fast. But if you buy during our exclusive offer for priority booking, you'll have the chance to reserve your preferred date and time 48 hours before tickets go on sale to the public. Here is everything you need to know about this one-time offer:

Priority Booking Sale

Our priority booking vouchers typically go on sale in early December. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here to be the first to know when the priority booking sale begins.

Priority Booking Window

Once an opening date has been set for your location, if you purchased priority booking vouchers, you will receive an email notifying you that the 48-hour priority booking window is open. In this email there will be a special link made accessible for voucher-holders only during that window. Instructions in the email will outline how to reserve tickets using that link and your vouchers. If you do not receive the email, find out what steps to take next here.

Priority Booking Voucher Codes

A priority booking voucher is not a ticket for admission, but a voucher that contains a redemption code to be applied when reserving your tickets during the priority booking window. The Confirmation ID within your order receipt will be your voucher code. That code will need to be entered in the Coupon Code box when redeeming tickets for your desired location.

Priority Booking Voucher Code Uses

Priority booking voucher codes can be used to reserve Child or General Admission tickets for any day and time (including weekdays, weekends and holidays), but they cannot be applied to Arctic Alcove reservations. Voucher codes can be applied multiple times until you have reserved the number of tickets equal to the number of vouchers you purchased during the priority booking sale. For example, if you purchase 6 vouchers, the code can be redeemed for 6 tickets in total either in a single order/time slot or split up into different orders/time slots.

Priority Booking Voucher Pricing

Priority booking vouchers are only available for the General Admission weekend price - they are NOT discounted, nor can a discount code be applied to them. Their purpose is to grant you early access to select the date and time of your Ice Castles visit before tickets go on sale to the public and popular time slots sell out. If you are planning on purchasing a ticket for a child, or are planning to visit Ice Castles on a weekday, you may consider waiting until ticket sales are open to the general public. We cannot guarantee that tickets will be available, but if they are, our weekday and child tickets will be available at a lower price.

Priority Booking Conditions

Priority booking vouchers are non-transferable and non-refundable. They are only valid for the season they are purchased and cannot be credited to future seasons if unused. Any unused vouchers will not be refunded, and any vouchers used to reserve a ticket of lesser value will not be refunded the price difference.

Steps to Purchase Priority Booking Vouchers

  • Subscribe to our newsletter here to be the first to know when our priority booking vouchers go on sale.

  • Reserve your voucher at the weekend general admission price on our website.

  • Choose the number of vouchers you want to reserve and proceed through the checkout process.

Steps to Redeem Priority Booking Vouchers

  • You will receive an email 48 hours before tickets go on sale to the public. Click the link in your email for exclusive access to ticket reservations.

  • After tickets have been released to the general public you can still reserve your tickets using your voucher code by clicking the Buy Tickets button on your desired location.

  • Select the date and time you would like to visit, then click Continue and select the number of tickets you would like.

  • At the bottom of our delivery page, you will enter your voucher code (the Order Confirmation ID) in our Coupon Code box, then click Enter.

  • If you entered your voucher code correctly you will see a Valid Coupon message drop down from the top of your screen.

  • Ensure your payment has been reduced by the total number of vouchers you purchased, and proceed through the checkout process.

Priority Booking Vouchers Vs. Presale Vouchers

What was once known as our annual presale offer has now been changed to our annual priority booking offer. While the offer to purchase vouchers that allow you to reserve tickets before they go on sale to the public remains the same, the name was changed to ensure the advantage of the offer (gaining early access to ticket reservations) is accurately communicated to our guests.

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