STEP 1 - Refer to your original order receipt and click the “exchange tickets” button at the bottom. 

  • Pro Tip! - If you don’t have your original order receipt, you can sign-in to your MyTickets account here -

  • Your username is the email address you entered when processing your order.

  •  If you don’t remember your password or don’t recall setting one up, please click “forgot your password” to reset it! 

Step 2 - Once you’re logged into your ticketing account, you’ll be presented with your order to select the tickets you would like to exchange. 

  • You can select ALL or individual tickets to exchange. 

  • Select the tickets that you’d like to exchange and click the “Request Ticket Exchange” button at the bottom. 

Step 3 - On the next screen, you will have the following options:

  • Exchange Date/or Time 

  • Select this option if you’re looking to change to another date/time of equal price. (weekday to weekday or weekend to a weekend date). 

  • Reminder - all exchanges will be required to pay a $10 per order fee every time an exchange is processed. 

  • Proceed to Step 4 below for further instructions. 

  • Exchange Ticket Type

  • Select this option if you are looking to downgrade from an adult ticket to a child ticket only. 

  • ATTENTION - while downgrades are allowed, partial refunds for the difference between an adult to a child will not be issued. This option simply switches the ticket from an adult to a child. 

Step 4 - Exchange Date/or Time - exchanging from one date to another

  • The box at the top “selected tickets to exchange” is an indication of the tickets you’ve selected to exchange. 

  • Below you will be presented with our events calendar for your location.

  • Select the new date that is the same price level as your original tickets. 

  • Example - weekday to weekday or weekend to weekend. If you need a reminder of price levels, please visit our main website and select your location. 

  • Once you’ve selected the new date (highlighted in orange), click the drop-down menu below the calendar to see what times are available and select a time. 

  • Now click the "Continue" button at the bottom. 

Step 5 - Confirm Exchange Ticket Type 

  • The top box is a reminder of the tickets you selected to exchange FROM

  • The second box is a confirmation of the new date/time you selected to exchange TO

  • In the third box “select ticket type” click the drop-down menu of each ticket type to confirm the type of ticket -- “Child 4-11 or General Admission 12+”

  • This is an indication that the price levels match up to the new date/time that you are exchanging into. 

  • If there is no option to select the ticket type that means that timeslot does not have enough inventory to fulfill your request for that price level. 

  • Once everything lines up, click “Continue” at the bottom to review your exchange details.

Step 6 - Exchange Review + $10 Exchange Fee 

  • This screen is an overall review of your exchange request before submission. 

  • Original Date/Time

  • New Date/Time

  • Ticket Types (child to child/adult to adult) 

  • Once you’ve reviewed this request, click "Submit Request" to finish your exchange.

  • Our "Note" (Optional) box gives you the ability to provide a personalized note with your request. 

  • Please now enter your preferred Credit Card to pay the $10 (per order) fee.

  • You will only be charged the fee above if your request is approved/processed. 

  • Reminder: Before submitting your request 

  • Please double-check the date/time you are exchanging your tickets to. 

  • There is a $10.00 per order exchange fee each time you submit a request. 

  • Click “Submit Request” for your request to be submitted. 

Once you’ve submitted your request

  • You’ll receive a confirmation screen confirming your submission. 

  • You’ll receive an automatically generated email as a copy of your exchange request to the email address on file for your purchase. 

  • Please be sure to check a junk/spam folder in the event our emails are being filtered by your email provider. 

  • If your request is approved - you will receive a follow-up email confirming the request was approved and processed with your new date/time followed by a new order receipt and/or mobile text of your ticket. 

  • The delivery method of your tickets may vary based on the method you selected at the time of your original purchase.

  • If you need another copy of your new receipt, please contact us here with your Order Confirmation # included in your message.

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