Opening Ticket Sales

While we understand that our guests would like to make plans in advance of our season with their tickets secured, our operations are completely dependent on the weather. So, to ensure our guests have the highest quality and most reliable experience with us, we only open ticket sales for each location when we are confident that the Castle is nearing completion and we have an opening date set. Typically we open in early January, with tickets going on sale on our website a week or so before our opening date.

Additional Ticket Sales

Because our operations are weather dependent, we cannot make all of our tickets for the season available at once. Learn more about how tickets become available throughout the winter here.

Early Access to Ticket Sales

Interested in getting early access to tickets? Find out more about our priority booking offer here.

Notification of Ticket Sales

To be the first to know when our priority booking offer, opening dates, and ticket sales are announced, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter here. For the most current information regarding opening dates, ticket availability and more, select your preferred location at the bottom of the page.

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